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September 11-13 Family Counseling:  Clinical Skills that Make a Difference.  Invited 3 day workshop at
Burapha University,  Chonburi, Thailand. 
October 10 Beliefs, Suffering, and Spirituality: The Invisible Trinity in Illness, Health, and Healing.
Invited Lecture at University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
October 16 Therapeutic Conversations and Questions: The Core of Family Nursing. Invited keynote at Scientific Investigation in Nursing Conference, Madeira, Portugal.
October 17 Illness Beliefs Model:  Lessons Learned from Clinical Practice and Research. Invited
workshop at Family Centered Conference, Madeira, Portugal
October 26 Beliefs, Suffering, and Spirituality:   The Invisible Trinity in Health and Healing;
Exploring Health and Healing
, Calgary Health Region, Banff, Canada
November 10 Spirituality, suffering, and illness;  Ideas for healing. 4th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Spirituality and Health:  Interweaving Science, Wisdom and Compassion,   Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 15 Hot Tips for Including Families in your Everyday Practice. Invited lecture at Landspítali Hospital,  Reykavik, Iceland
November 23-24 Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models: How to Make a Difference  in Clinical Practice.   Invited workshop at Landspítali Hospital, Reykavik, Iceland
December 4 Spirituality, Suffering, and Beliefs: The Soul of Clinical Practice. Invited workshop at the Chronic Disease Management Spirituality, Health, and Illness Workshop Series, Calgary Health Region, Calgary, Canada



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